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A woman was lying in hospital in a coma. One day the nurse who was washing her noticed that when she touched the woman's genitals with a sponge, that the woman showed some additional response on the machine that was monitering her condition.

The nurse had an idea, and thought there was a chance that the woman might come out of the coma if her husband stimulated her a little. When the husband arrived at the hospital the nurse told him what had happened when she washed his wife with the sponge, and suggested that he try some oral sex with his wife to see whether she reponds any better.

The husband went into the room with his wife. After about 15 minutes he came running out of the room to find the nurse. "Nurse, nurse, the machine is showing that her heartbeat is slowing - I think she might be dying!" he screamed.

"How could that happen?" asked the nurse.

The husband replied "I think she is choking"....

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