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Picture of Rob

Rob Chasmer,

Before I start please be aware that this page is desperately out of date, Anyway.... I am 25 (26, on 28th of December 2000) and currently working for a computing company called MMT Computing. I work in an new area for MMT called the e-centre, and create websites for companies, especially concentrating on back-end databases for dynamic website content.

I completed a four year undergraduate course at City University, London, UK, where I studied Computer Science.

Please feel free to have a look at my online CV if you are a potential employer and add me to your database. Be aware though that I am currenly employed FULL TIME and currently DO NOT wish to be canvased by job agencies.

For more information about the Chasmer family feel free to have a look at my Family Pics page or some information gathered from a name tracing organisation.

I also have a piccies page with some of me and some of my mates on various holidays.

My interests

I have a number of hobbies, as well as computing, I also enjoy a number of outdoor sports including Kayaking (canoeing) & Climbing. I used to help run an outdoor pursuits club called 'Kayak And Outdoor Sports' KAOS, that was founded by five friends and myself, and had well over 50 members before we (the founders) went on to other things.

Mail Me....

I can be mailed at

Oh and if you ever see this sig floating around you can be sure that it's me!

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