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Robert Chasmer

Personal Details

	Address:		(Removed from online version)
	Telephone:		(Removed from online version)
	Mobile:			(Removed from online version)
	Date of birth:		28th December 1974
	Nationality:		British
	Sex:			Male
	Driving licence:	Full British licence & car owner


October 1993 to June 1997: (Honours Degree)

The City University, Northampton Square, London EC1V 0HB

BSc Computer Science, HONOURS DEGREE CLASS II (ii), Final Year Project CLASS II (i)

October 1991 to June 1993: (A-Level)

Seevic College, Runnymede Chase, Benfleet, Essex SS7 1TW
	A-Level                                    Grade
	Computer Science (AS)                        B
	Maths                                        C
	Physics                                      D
	Electronics (AS)                             E

October 1988 to June 1991: (GCSE)

Furtherwick Park School, Furtherwick Road, Canvey Island, Essex
	GCSE                                       Grade
	Double Science 1, Double Science 2           A
	Maths, Computer Science, CDT Technology      B
	English Literature, English Language         C
	CDT Design & Realisation, Geography          D

(Additional Qualifications)

	Course                                     Grade
	British Canoe Union Kayak Instructor       Pass
	National Pool Life Guard                   Pass

Computing Experience Summary

	Operating System              Platform
	Windows NT 4.0 (Server)       PC
	Windows NT 4.0 (Workst.)      PC
	Windows 95                    PC
	Windows NT 3.5 (Server)       PC
	Windows 3.1x                  PC
	DOS                           PC
	UNIX (Solaris)                Sun
	UNIX (Sunsoft)                PC
	VAX VMS                       Digital
	RISC OS / NCOS                Acorn
	Programming                   Time
	ARM Basic V (Acorn)           8 years
	HTML (Web)                    3 years
	MS Access (VBA)               2.5 years
	MS Visual Basic               1.5 years
	Perl (Web CGI)                2 years
	MS Excel (VBA)                1 year
	SQL (Oracle / Access)         1 year
	Superbase (Basic)             1 year
	Universe / Pick (Basic)       6 months
	Eiffel (Object Oriented)      3 months
	C / C++                       3 months
	Application Software          Time
	MS Word                       3 years
	Netscape Navigator            3 years
	MS Internet Explorer          2 years
	MS Excel                      3 years
	MS PowerPoint                 2 years
	MS Mail                       2 years
	Picture Tel (VC)              1 year
	Z-Mail Pro                    1 year
	MS Exchange                   6 months
	Intel Proshare (VC)           6 months
	Winterm                       6 months
	VISIO                         3 months

Previous Employment

February 1998 to Date (Full Time: Graduate)

MMT Computing PLC (Cortex Computer Systems contract):

  1. Universe (PICK) Programming for Cortex working on their Back Office Futures Trading system (CMII). Using the Universe BASIC language, work included maintenance of existing modules and development of several new modules.
  2. Front-line Telekurs support - telephone support of a real time Financial Pricing data system called TPM (Telekurs Portfolio Manager) running on UNIX (Sunsoft for use on PC hardware), where duties included dialling into a remote UNIX machines to interrogate & perform maintenance on live systems. Preparation of new machines, and onsite installations were carried out for clients such as TSB, GT Management, WM & Murray Johnstone.
  3. Front-line Norweb support for their Optima - Gas meter billing system written in Superbase. Which involved maintenance of the existing system and the development of a number of small utilities.

September 1997 to February 1998 (Full Time: Graduate)

MMT Computing PLC (Norweb contract):

5 months based at MMT Angel Gate working for Norweb on a Superbase project called 'OPTIMA', a gas meter billing database. This involved the design, development and implementation of a new program module to allow the existing live Superbase system to be gradually migrated to a new system known as 'Customer 1' over the coming year. Additional responsibilities which have been run partly as background tasks simultaneously with the Norweb project have included:-
  1. Installation and configuration - NT SERVER 4.0.
  2. Configuration of network cards for LAN.
  3. Installation, configuration and development - WINDOWS 3.1/95, WORD V2/6/7/8, EXCEL V4/5/7/8, POWERPOINT V3/7/8, ACCESS V2/7/8.
  4. Installation and configuration of NOVELL print server.
  5. Installation and configuration - MS IIS (Internet Information Server <Intranet>)
  6. Installation and configuration of PERL, for running WEB CGI SCRIPTS etc.
  7. Sales support - simple PC application related queries.
  8. Backup Telekurs support - telephone support of a real time Financial Pricing data system called TPM (Telekurs Portfolio Manager) running on UNIX, called 'Sunsoft' for use on PC hardware, where duties included dialling into a remote UNIX machine to interrogate the live system.

December 1996 to Date (Part Time: Contractual)

BP Chemicals, Freelance Programmer:

Continuing my work with BP Chemicals I was able to re-develop a large database, called BPC RPD, in Access for my final year university project. The projects aim was to standardise the way in which safety critical design data of a chemical plant is recorded. This involved many discussions and meetings with chemical engineers, as well as presentations to demonstrate the implementation. BPC RPD has now been adopted as the BP Chemicals group standard (worldwide) and is currently being rolled out to contractors and BP employees in Japan for the new Batan Project.

July 1995 to September 1996 (Full Time: Sandwich Placement)

BP Chemicals, IT Support Analyst:

Working as a member of an IT team, which provides front-line support to around 150 users, I had a number of responsibilities. PC & VMS VAX system administration and user support which involved working closely with end users, problem solving, machine configuration and hardware support. Telephone provision, including the manual patching of new phone lines, Switch terminal configuration and traffic monitoring systems. Application development included the design and implementation for a number of database projects in Visual Basic, Oracle & Access. I also had the opportunity to pioneer a video conferencing project, to bring BP Chemicals in line with the other two main groups (Exploration & Oil). User training and coaching followed this.

November 1994 to June 1995 (Part Time)

City University, Computer Unit Help Desk:

Two evenings a week I was responsible for maintaining the correct operation of PC's Unix workstations and printers. Solving students queries on the spot, or reporting them for later investigation. I also handled money for the selling of printing credits disks and other consumables.

June 1994 to October 1994 (Part Time: Summer Job)

Harlow Outdoor Pursuits Centre, Outdoor Pursuits Instructor:

The instruction of canoeing, kayaking, rock climbing, problem solving, at an activities centre with groups of around ten children aged between 10 & 15. I also took part in the day to day running and maintenance of the activity centre's equipment, which included safety checks, repairs and replacement.

June 1993 to October 1993 (Part Time: Summer Job)

Southend Marine Activities Centre, Outdoor Pursuits Instructor:

As above.

Other Information

Having worked in different IT environments, of both academic and commercial nature, I have worked with and acquired broad knowledge of computer platforms, operating systems, programming languages and common applications. As an experienced programmer I have written several applications and utilities for the IBM PC and Acorn RISC PC (Archimedes) platform. Some of this software has been released as Freeware being published in computing magazines on CD-ROM.

Amongst my other interests I enjoy Outdoor Pursuits including Kayaking, Climbing, Water skiing and Hiking. This has led me to become involved in the setting up of a new Outdoor Pursuits Club for which I was later elected Club Secretary. I was responsible for publishing adverts, management of membership applications and issuing of cards. With an interest in video photography I have also made several promotional videos for the club. I have recently completed a Bsc Computer Science degree course, which included a years sandwich placement in industry. I have a broad knowledge of many computer platforms, operating systems, programming languages and applications software. I am an experienced programmer, and have written several applications and utilities for both the Acorn Risc PC (Archimedes) and PC. These applications have been released as Freeware and also been published in computing magazines, on CD Rom, and are available on the internet.



Removed from online version: Available on Request.


Removed from online version: Available on Request.
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