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Well for all those people that are into all things virtual, I have put together a list of links to .wrl files. You will need a browser that is capable of rendering these, but you will have to go some place else to find these. Incase you were wondering why this page exists, well it was for a course at uni.
(page last updated: 09/10/98).

Chas City, my very own first VRML world

This was created for my second graphics coursework. All the work was done by hacking away at VRML using nothing but a text editor. As all testing (viewing) was done using Live 3d for Netscape, it's possible it might look funny on other browsers.

Labs 2 & 3, my first ever look at VRML

All I did here was read the files of a sheet of paper and type them in. I guess I may have learned a few things by doing this.

Search Engines looking for VRML

.WRL links


prodroom.wrl , newyork.wrl , strat.wrl .

Starwars - Weapons of the Empire

e-vader.wrl , e-trprst.wrl , e-trprsc.wrl , e-prdroid.wrl , e-sd-brg.wrl , e-shutle.wrl , e-at-at.wrl , e-at-st.wrl , e-strdst.wrl , e-sstrds.wrl , e-s-bike.wrl , e-endor.wrl , e-tie-b.wrl , e-tie-f.wrl , e-tie-i.wrl , e-tie-dv.wrl .

Starwars - Weapons of the Rebellion

r-c-3po.wrl , r-r2-d2.wrl , r-2-1b.wrl , r-yoda.wrl , r-falcon.wrl , r-frigat.wrl , r-hngbay.wrl , r-antinf.wrl , r-hoth.wrl , r-s-spdr.wrl , r-transp.wrl , r-escape.wrl , r-wing-a.wrl , r-wing-b.wrl , r-wing-x.wrl , r-wing-y.wrl , r-isaber.wrl , r-cruser.wrl , r-htqrtr.wrl , r-temple.wrl ,

Starwars - Miscellaneous Figures

o-bespin.wrl , o-b-fett.wrl , o-blastr.wrl , o-carbon.wrl , o-cloudc.wrl , o-eg-6.wrl , o-gaffi.wrl , o-ig-88.wrl , o-jawa.wrl , o-jawa-b.wrl , o-l-spdr.wrl , o-pbarge.wrl , o-r2-ag4.wrl , o-shoper.wrl , o-slave.wrl ,

Mathematical shapes.

Kuen's Surface , Trefoil Icosahedron .

Various other VRML links

Prodroom source
Starwars Weapons of the Empire
Starwars Weapons of the Rebellion ,
Starwars Miscellaneous Figures ,
A Chemical builder ,
Another weird chemical site ,
The Platonic and Archimedean Solids
The 59 Stellations of the Icosahedron
Various models sorted by category
Silicon Graphics VRML

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