Chas's Small PC Utils.

The times I've found myself needing that really usefull little program thats on my hard-disk at home and no where else. This page contains a number of utilities for various platforms which should help when trying to transfer files. None of them where written by me, and I'm not completly sure about the copyright on all these files. Only download them if you think you should.
(page last updated: 27/07/2005).


An Outlook Macro for cleaning Yahoo Groups subject lines

I subscribe to a yahoo mailing list for the discussion of UK Home Automation

I use Outlook 2000 to read these emails, and use its grouping functionality to show messages per thread (Right click on header and choose 'Group By Box', then drag the subject header to the box). However the subject lines often get poluted with various bits of text like 'Re[2]:', 'Re[4]:', etc. This upsets Outlooks grouping and means threads get split into several smaller threads.

This is a simple script that takes messages located in Inbox/Lists, modifies the subject line and moves the fixed messages to Inbox/Lists/Home Auto. You'll probably need to modify it slighly for your own purposes but should work out of the box.

DOS PC Executables:-

You can get a full directory listing of my DOS downloads by clicking here.
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