World Cup 98 - David Beckham

(page last updated 30/08/98).

What's the difference between David Beckham and Posh spice?
Posh spice doesn't kickback when taken from behind.

David Beckham walks into a pub.
The barman asks 'Is yours a pint then sir ?'.
Beckham replies 'No. Just a half and then I'm off'.

Q.Whats the difference between Becks the Lager and Becks the footballer ?
A. One comes with its bottle and the other lost its bottle

Q. What has a bottle of Becks got in common with Becks the footballer ?
A. They're both empty from the neck up

Did you here Posh Spice was re-considering the wedding ?
She fell for David after being told he lasts 90 minutes

Q. How does Posh Spice make Beckhams eyes light up?
A. She shines a torch in his ear

Q. How do you change David Beckhams mind ?
A. Blow in his ear

Q. Which Spice Girl is a vegetarian ?
A. Posh, because she lovesnothing better than a vegetable

Q. Why can we also blame Beckham for missing our last penalty ?
A. Because he's really Batty

Q. Why did Beckham never go boozing with Gazza ?
A. He could'nt last a second half

Q.Have you heard the new Spice Girls single ?
A. Eleven become Ten

Q. What will Ginger Spice and Beckham be remembered for ?
A. Huge boobs and deserting their team.

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