100 point rice purity test

(page last updated 25/06/98).


Have you ever...

  1. Had a date?
  2. Told a dirty joke to an M.O.S.?
  3. Been out on a date past 4:00 AM?
  4. Had a penile or clitoral erection?
  5. Had a blind date?
  6. Danced cheek to cheek?
  7. Kissed an M.O.S.?
  8. Kissed an M.O.S. while lying down?
  9. * Have you kissed an M.O.S. in the last three months?
  10. Kissed underwater?
  11. French kissed?
  12. Kissed or been kissed by an M.O.S. on the thigh?
  13. Kissed or been kissed by an M.O.S. on the breast?
  14. Necked1?
  15. Necked for more than two hours at a time?
  16. Cum while necking?
  17. Seen a naked M.O.S. over the age of fifteen?
  18. Been seen naked by an M.O.S. after your puberty?
  19. Seen a stripper2?
  20. Read a pornographic3 book or magazine?
  21. Seen a pornographic movie?
  22. Committed an act of voyeurism4?
  23. Had an alcoholic drink?
  24. Been drunk?
  25. Used alcohol to lower an M.O.S.'s resistance to sexual activity?
  26. Smoked or chewed tobacco? (Cloves count.)
  27. Used marijuana or hashish?
  28. Used a non-prescription drug stronger than marijuana or hashish?
  29. Been arrested5?
  30. Been convicted of a crime?
  31. Fondled a woman's breasts or had your breasts fondled?
  32. Caressed an M.O.S.'s thigh?
  33. Fondled an M.O.S.'s rear end?
  34. Fondled an M.O.S.'s genitals?
  35. Had your genitals fondled by an M.O.S.?
  36. Engaged in clitoral stimulation with an M.O.S.? (Given or received)
  37. Had an orgasm due to manipulation by an M.O.S.?
  38. Gone through the motions of intercourse with an M.O.S. while fully dressed?
  39. Massaged or been massaged by an M.O.S.?
  40. Showered, bathed, or saunaed with an M.O.S.?
  41. Been undressed by an M.O.S.?
  42. Had sexual intercourse?
  43. Had sexual intercourse outdoors?
  44. * Have you had sex more than ten times?
  45. Had sex with a virgin as your partner?
  46. Had sex three or more times in one night?
  47. Engaged in foreplay in a car, motor home, or bus?
  48. Had sex in a car, motor home, or bus?
  49. Had sex with two separate M.O.S.'s within twenty-four hours?
  50. Had sex using a condom?
  51. Had sex at a drive-in movie?
  52. Had sex at your partner's house?
  53. * Have you had sex in the last three months?
  54. Had sex while swimming or in a pool? (Hot tubs count.)
  55. Had sex while another person was asleep in the same room?
  56. Had anal intercourse?
  57. Impregnated a woman or been pregnant yourself?
  58. Had or arranged an abortion?
  59. Gone on or been the object of a nookie run6 of over 100 miles?
  60. Described a sexual experience to a third party?
  61. Attended an orgy (regardless of participation)?
  62. Willingly committed incest?
  63. Committed statutory rape7?
  64. Engaged in sado-masochistic activities8?
  65. Been propositioned by a prostitute or a pimp?
  66. Accepted a proposition by a prostitute or a pimp?
  67. Engaged in fellatio9? (Given or received)
  68. Engaged in cunnilingus10? (Given or received)
  69. ?
  70. Masturbated?
  71. Masturbated with another person in the room? (with or without their knowledge)
  72. Masturbated to a picture?
  73. Been propositioned by a homosexual?
  74. Accepted a proposition by a homosexual?
  75. Been masturbated by a M.S.S.?
  76. Been orally stimulated by a M.S.S.?
  77. Had sex with a homosexual M.O.S.?
  78. Lived in a coed room with three or more occupants?
  79. Been displaced by an M.O.S. staying with a room mate for one night or more11?
  80. Entered a room, creating an embarrassing situation (i.e., an "oops")?
  81. Spent a night in an M.O.S.'s room or apartment?
  82. Slept with an M.O.S. platonically? (i.e., non-sexually)
  83. Wrestled with an M.O.S.?
  84. Had an STD12 test due to reasonable suspicion?
  85. Had an STD? (Pubic lice count.)
  86. Had passion cramps? (Blue balls or the equivalent.)
  87. Fondled an M.O.S. under the age of thirteen?
  88. Worn an M.O.S.'s clothing?
  89. Committed bestiality13?
  90. Tasted semen?
  91. Simulated intercourse with an inanimate object?
  92. Played coed strip poker?
  93. Picked up an M.O.S.?
  94. Had an orgasm in a dream? (i.e., a nocturnal emission or the equivalent.)
  95. Experienced sexuality before puberty?
  96. Purchased contraceptives at a drugstore?
  97. Committed an act of exhibitionism? (Moons count.)
  98. Been caught masturbating?
  99. Watched another person masturbate?
  100. Undressed an M.O.S.?


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