200 Smakers

(page last updated 30/08/98).

This guy goes over to his buddies house and knocks on the door, it opens and there stands his friends wife. "Is John home?" he asks. She replies "No I'm sorry he's gone out to run a few errands." "Would you mind if I came in and waited for a few minutes?"

She opens the door and he follows her down the hall and into the kitchen. "I can't help to notice how beautiful your breasts look in that robe. I will pay you £100 if I could just see one of them."

The woman thinks it over for a moment and figures why not, it is a £100. She opens her robe exposing one of her breasts as the man reaches for his wallet, pulls out a couple of £50 notes and throws them on the table. Shortly there after while drinking his coffee he asks:-

"Your breast was so beautiful, I've got to see them both at the same time, I will pay you another £100 if you will show me them both." She once again thinks for a moment and decides, what the hell and opens her robe giving him a good long look. He then opens his wallet, grabs another couple of £50 notes throws them on the table and says, "I can't wait any longer, I must get going. Please tell John I came by."

About ten minutes pass and John comes home. His wife meets him in the hall and says "Your friend came by, you just missed him, he left ten minutes ago."

John replies, "Did he drop off the £200 quid he owes me?"

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