Fame at last!!!

Just to show how sad I can be, here is snipit of news from a popular computer magazine.
(page last updated: 12/02/98).

Once upon a time...

I was standing in the local WH-Smiths having a quick browse through the Bulky 'Computer Shopper' when I saw *my* name up in lights.

Well nearly anyway. On Page 893 of the May 1997 edition in Jim Nagel's wonderful Acorn Shopper section, in the Acorn Nutshells section there's a quick plug for Boot-Suite 2.30.

Actual Quote

" And then there's Boot-Suite. This is a system for several users to use the same hard disk, each with their own desktop bootfile and home directory that is set up whenever they log in. The author is Robert Chasmer at the City University in London. Try >>city.ac.uk/~cb159/arc_file.html to download the latest version 2.30. "

Other things about Computer shopper

Well there you have a whole nine lines of print in " Britain's Biggest Selling Computer Magazine. " I have few questions however about Computer Whopper:-
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