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Multi-user setups for your acorn - Main Help File

Boot-Suite: by Robert R. Chasmer - © 1992-96 KAOS productions
Text viewer: by Ian Jeffray, - © 1994-96 Oregan Software Developments

Boot-Suite is FREEWARE and is being distributed via the internet through various ftp sites, though copyright of Boot-suite remains mine. Please SEE CONDITIONS BELOW.

(page last updated: 06/08/97).

Boot-Suite - Version Control.

Application: BootSuite the whole package
Programs job:     To allow bootsuite to be distributed.
Version:           2.30i (internet)
Last_updated:      23/07/97
First written:     31/08/94
Written by:        R.R.Chasmer (KAOS)
WWW Support:
Credits:           See below.

Bootsuite - Description.

This package allows several Acorn users to each have a customised boot up procedure on a single machine. This is accomplished by boot-suite initially asking for a UserID and Password when the machine is reset without a user logged on. Once a user has logged on !Boot will then run the corresponding 'Desktop Bootfile'.

Boot-Suite is intended to be used as a single package. By using the installer your machine may be configured, enabling you to quickly make use of the facilities that this package provides.

Features include:-

!Boot survives all resets including power down, so a UserID & password will not have to be entered after every reset. The only time that another UserID & password is asked for is after the user has called a shutdown.

Logging On (08/10/95)

When no users are logged on and the machine is reset, !Password is run. !Password requests the user to enter a 'User ID' and then 'Password'. If valid the user will then be logged on and the appropriate desktop bootfile's run. All subsequent resets will not require a 'User ID' or 'Password' as the user is already known allowing the appropriate desktop bootfile's to be run again. (see !Password for more info).

Logging Off (08/10/95)

A shutdown can be achieved by many methods when a user is logged on:-
  1. Usual RISC OS 3.1 way. (Ctrl-Shift-F12).
  2. Clicking 'Shutdown' on the Task menu.
  3. Hold down 'Ctrl' & 'S' after a reset
  4. Double click on the !LogOff icon in the filer
  5. Enter *ShutDown from the command line.
  6. Corrupt the UID file.

(see !Log_Off for more info).

Options (17/04/95)

Boot-suites various configurations can be altered & users added/removed using !BootOpt. Options include: Name, address, log users path, log requests path, auto logOff, filer protection on/off.

(see !BootOpt for more info).

Logging Users Activities (06/09/94)

All user activities can be recorded. Activities include: Logging on & logging off. This can be configured for use in !BootOpt.

(see !!BootInfo for more info).

!Service (06/09/94)

This allows users to be greeted with a service message before !Password is run. This area of boot-suite is very under-developed and is not really supported in this version.

(see !Service for more info).

Star commands (06/07/95)

The following star commands are provided by Boot-Suite:-

(see specific applications for more info).

Filer protection (06/07/95)

Filer protection is provided. This simply prevents files within the !Boot directory being altered in any way. Only superusers can view & edit files, although a star command can be used to toggle the filer protections effect. In some cases any user can run and see files, but the system prevents changes being made. At other times users will see only an empty filer display on directories that are fully protected. On a Risc-PC the acorn boot system is also protected.

Boot files (06/09/94)

All bootfiles that may require altering are held in the Choices directory within 'Boot-suites' !Boot. It's best to experiment your-self as to how to use the files, examples are given in the files.

There is a Users directory, this should contain desktop bootfiles for each user. These can be created using the task menu. Users can be allocated files using !BootOpt.

NOTE: The layout of 'Boot-suites' !Boot is similar to acorns Risc-PC !Boot. When used on a RISC-PC, the bootfiles in acorns choices directory will also be used. Thus !BootStart, !DeskStart, !RunStart, do not have to be used. BUT all multi-user specific options should be kept in these files.

Credits must go to:- (19/01/97)

Things new in release 2.10: - (19/04/95)

Things new in release 2.11: - (28/04/95)

Things new in release 2.12: - (06/07/95)

Things new in release 2.30: - (15/12/96)

Things new in release 2.31: - (23/07/97)

Please note that this version is in an alpha state and as yet un-released.

Things waiting to be done: - (23/07/97)

Current utility version numbers: - (15/12/96)

Conditions of use (06/07/95) - internet

Boot-suite is FREEWARE and is being distributed via the internet through various ftp sites, though copyright of Boot-suite remains mine. This copy may only be distributed via the internet!

A lot of time and effort has gone into the making of Boot-suite so I would be grateful if you would follow the conditions below for the distribution and use of this package.

The entire Boot-suite package, (which includes !Boot, !!BootInfo, !BootOpt, !Log_Off, !Password, !Q-Log_Off, !Request, !Service, etc.) may be distributed freely by any bulletin board and by anyone else with a copy of it, providing that ALL the files are included and remain unaltered (except, that is, for the 'Choices' directory and contents.

PD libraries and alike, may only distribute this program, after explicit permission by me the author using one of the contact methods listed bellow. The maximum any library may charge for a disk containing any part of Boot-suite is two uk pounds.

Contact methods (23/07/97)

Any comments, extensions, PD, or money would be greatly appreciated.
Contact me:-

Robert R. Chasmer (KAOS productions)
13 Ferndale Crescent
Canvey Island

Phone: **** ******
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