Boot-Suite v2.30i - (Bugs & Features)

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Boot-Suite: by Robert R. Chasmer - © 1992-96 KAOS productions
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Boot-Suite is FREEWARE and is being distributed via the internet through various ftp sites, though copyright of Boot-suite remains mine.

(page last updated: 23/07/97).

Boot-Suite, Known Bugs & features.

Problem 1)

If your !Scrap file is located inside !Boot eg. in the resources directory on a Risc PC, the filer protection module can cause problems for non super-users as the whole !Boot structure is made Read Only.

Solution 1: Disable filer protection in the options section of !BootOpt
Solution 2: Move your scrap directory outside !boot, eg. from $.!Boot.Resources.!Scrap to $.Public.!Scrap.
Solution 3: Hope that normal users don't use scrap to transfer temporary files or only use super-users.
Solution 4: ... E-mail me we another solution. The protection module was written by a friend, and my Arm Assembly Language Coding is rather limited. Anyone wishing to have a look into this problem should have a gander at the source in '!Boot.Utils.[Support]'. Basically I need to include some exclusion directories to the read-only protection module.

Problem 2)

The password screen is displayed in a low resolution on my nice shiny risc pc.

Solution: This is because Boot-Suite is run as part of your acorn boot section before the monitor is configured. In '!Boot.Choices.Boot.PreDesk' re-order the way things are booted (by renaming 'BootSuite' to 'zBootsuite' or 'Configure' to 'aConfigure'.

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